Friday, June 29, 2012

Mellow as a Mushroom

Every day I sit down to catch up on blogs, and write my own, and something always gets in my way.  School has been out for over a week now, and I'm juggling several balls in the air.  But I must say, I'm not stressing, just going with the flow, and truly enjoying my summer.

I'm running the Boilermaker 15k next weekend.  Sure it's a hilly race, and there's a 98% chance that it will be hot and humid, but I know the course and how to prepare.  Last week we had a major heat wave, and I ran 6 miles one day, and five the other, trying to acclimate to the temps.  Luke had his last soccer game on Saturday, after it was over I ran home, it took exactly 9 miles, and I made sure to hit some long hills, and some steep hills.  My heel has been bugging me a bit, I've dealt with plantar fasciitis on and off throughout the years, but I've been stretching and icing, and swimming seems to help.  

I gave in and downloaded Instagram, which is highly entertaining.

This is one of the photos I took with it:

A roma tomato, sitting in a doll's chair.

Silly kids.


Unknown said...

Good luck in the Boilermaker. It's on my bucketlist. I was stationed at Griffiss in the mid-80's before I was much of a runner and am now mad that I missed my chance. Someday I will go back and race! Glad you're healthy this year...can't wait for the recap.

Lisa said...

Boo to heel pain!!! I thought you had the whipped with those orthotics. I know all about heel pain and am so sorry it's been creeping back in. I use my "Stick" on it when mine starts creeping back in - hurts, but cures it.

Good luck at the Boilermaker - you'll do great! Have fun, run safe!

Funny photo.

Unknown said...

That picture totally made me smile! :)

Best of luck at the Boilermaker! Hope the heel pain subsides! :(

Suz and Allan said...

Good luck with your upcoming race! Instagram is so much fun. The picture effects are so neat to me.

H Love said...

You can do it! HYDRATE HYDRATE! Hoping the heel pain and PF stays away!! Good luck girl!

Michelle said...

Hope the heel pain settles down! Good luck with the Boilermaker!

PrItAm YaDaV said...

I was much of a sprinter and am now mad that I skipped my opportunity. At some point I will go back and race! Grateful you're healthier this year...can't delay for the summarize.

J said...

Hey - I going to be with a whole crew of people and we usually meet in the family area which is way in the back. Not sure how else to describe it but once you walk through the long finishers area, then its pretty much just straight back to the grassy area that us across the street. Im wearing black spandex shorts and my GVH maroon top like usual.