Thursday, March 22, 2012

What A March We're Having!

Sunday was a spring cleaning day at our house. We threw open all the windows, and cleaned the house from top to bottom, including the closets, and all those drawers that I toss things into just to get them out of the way. Mike decided to clean out the one in the kitchen. Clean he did. He accidentally threw out the battery charger for my still fairly new camera. Which means the only photos I can take right now are through my phone. I'm not happy.

I'm still enjoying this spring/summer like weather. I rode my bike on Tuesday, and will do so again this afternoon. It's MARCH. I don't think I've ridden my bike outdoors in March in my life!  Frank and I ran 6 miles yesterday in the 80 degree temps, and worked up an extra good sweat. I have 11 miles on tap for tomorrow, and can't wait.

Who is going to see Hunger Games?? One of the advantages of having your husband as your boss, is that he's okay with me playing hookie one afternoon next week, so I can go see it while all the kids are in school.  When I realized that was indeed Lenny Kravitz in the trailer, I got even more excited.

The season of Lent means no meat on Friday's, but it's never a big deal for us, because we eat meat free meals a few times a week.  Like yesterday for example, when I grilled a salmon burger, put it on a warm roll, added the last of the field greens, and decided to go outside to eat. Frank decided to jump up on me, and the burger landed in the dirt. And he inhaled it. Luckily I had another one in the freezer, but I had to have it on bread, so it wasn't as good.

Tim Tebow is coming to NYC???  That will be interesting for sure.  We went to the JETS training camp two summers ago, I'll bet it will be especially mobbed this year.

Big day today for Syracuse!  Hoping they can make it through the Sweet 16! When they won in 2003, I won my office pool, no one believed it would happen, but I did. 



Jill said...

Tebow coming to you, leaving me. Not that I care! Hahaha.

Not a Hunger Games fan so won't be doing the movie...but if you were in town and wanted to go, I guess I would for you :).

Looks like things are plugging away without incident at your pad! Have a great longer run this weekend, hope the good weather continues to hold for you!!

Suz and Allan said...

Wow, sounds like we need to get on the ball and get our spring cleaning done too. The pollen here is so terrible but we are getting rain today and tomorrow and it's just pointless to clean anything until all that yukky stuff is gone.

Pam @ said...

Yep!!! I'm going to the theater tomorrow to buy tickets for me and my sister to go to Saturday's 9:50pm showing of The Hunger Games. Hopefully that'll put it ending later than most kids' curfews. haha

Laura said...

I'm Hunger Games-ing it up on Monday night. The only change to the book is I hope there is more Cinna.
Cause then there'd be more Lenny. Yum.

Black Knight said...

A hubby will never be his wife's boss.
Did Syracuse win?

H Love said...

Yay for bike rides! Wow, I think everyone and their dod has read the Hunger Games except me. I wish I had TIME. SIGH!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

How was it?! Did you love the movie?! I can't wait! And, Frank is very sneaky for "knocking" you over!

PrItAm YaDaV said...

Do you think the craving for food game titles sequence is overrated?

Anonymous said...

I am psyched for HG! I'm waiting for the masses to see it first. I don't like a packed movie theater. There is always some jackass sitting behind me that wont shut up! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.