Thursday, November 10, 2011

NYC Post Race Pics

After I reunited with my family, we headed back to the apartment.  I ended up walking a total of 30 blocks post race, which I think really helped with my recovery.

I took an ice bath while I spoke on the phone with my sister Meagen, who wasn't able to make it to the race (she has a good excuse, a baby and two kids all under the age of four).  I was a bit dehydrated, so Mike forced water on me, along with some pretzels.

Post shower, time for a toast with the champagne that Nicole and Jen left for us.

Jeannine, Rob, me and Ali.

Me and Mike.

I was in the mood for Mexican food, so we hit up Ta Cocina, then crossed the street to our favorite bar in NYC, The Gaf.  My younger sister has heard all about The Gaf, so this was her inaugural visit.

It was a blast re-hashing the day, I made it to about ten o'clock before I had to call it a night.

But not before stopping at a deli for a salami and provolone on a roll with lettuce and tomato.  I would have taken a photo, but I inhaled it.   I pulled on my compression socks, popped some advil, and slept like a rock.  I don't think I moved for seven hours.

Marathon Monday was another gorgeous day, I was stiff when I rolled out of bed, but nothing terrible. We went back over to Central Park to have my medal engraved with my name and time.  And I treated myself to an early birthday present, an official Finisher's Jacket.

Several days later, I'm feeling great.

I've recovered really well, and just registered for my first post marathon race, a local 10k held on Thanksgiving Day.

And my brain is buzzing thinking of what might come after that.


Laura said...

Awesome pics and recaps....CONGRATS rocked it!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Aw Twinsie! You and your family are beautiful! WHAT AN UNREAL EXPERIENCE!! So so so proud of you!!

fancy nancy said...

Great pics!! Congrats again!!

ajh said...

Great birthday present. Good for you!

Caratunk Girl said...

AWESOME pictures and recap!! I am so excited for you Molly, you did so well!! Congrats again!

Lisa said...

Awesome pix! LOVE that you introduced your lil' sis to the Gaf - looks like fun! Love that you inhaled a sandwich - a well deserved sandwich! Great job!!!! You are amazing - soooo glad that you're feeling good. How's Pez feeling after all this week? Cool jacket!!!!

Unknown said...

So proud of you! Great race report! congrats!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats again!!

I think the price of finisher gear needs to be lower, its ridicolus how much they want for that stuff

Suz and Allan said...

Great pictures! Congratulations again!

Runners Fuel said...

Love the pics!

Unknown said...

Such great pictures!!!! :)