Friday, May 20, 2011

This post is like a random list of tweets, but with more detail

I'm afraid of geese.  There are a bunch of them in my neighborhood, and at this time of year most of them have babies, and they are very protective of them. The other morning I was running by a lake, in my own little world, when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw this goose started charging at me, with his beak wide open, hissing at me! I literally yelled my head off, backed up, then ran the other way.  There was a woman standing outside her house doing yard work, I yelled so loud, she thought I hurt myself.  Those geese are vicious.

How soon do you sign up for a race? 

I tend to do sign up once I have the cash for it.  In January I signed up for three races, Irongirl Syracuse in August, The Shamrock Run in March, and The Boilermaker 15k in July.  I usually receive money for my birthday from my Mom, and my Mom and Dad in Law, and this year it went straight to registration fees.  I am SO happy I signed up for the Boilermaker when I did, they capped the number of runners at 13,000, and last week it sold out! It will be my fifth year running it in a row, and I already can't wait.

Speaking of cash, why is it that home repairs always end up costing more, and take longer than you expect them to? We had to replace an old sliding glass door in the kitchen, a lovely colony of bees took over the space above the door, and there was rotting wood below the door.  As I wrote the check to pay for the job, I thought how I would much rather have spent that money on a trip to Disney.

At any rate, I need opinions on our doors.  The kitchen door no longer has window panes on it, like the ones in the family room do. Should we keep them as they are, or remove the panes, so all the doors look the same?  It's amazing how much more light we have with the panes gone, but then again, they do offer a bit of privacy. 

Eliza was a clown in her school play this week.  Her last day of pre-school is next Friday, which I find so hard to believe.  I hope Mommy's not going to have a Meltdown.

When I was on the treadmill the other morning, I finally caught the Beastie Boys new video for Make Some totally made my run.

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Have a great weekend, good luck to everyone racing!


Lucas R. Tucker said...

Geese are vicious...but clowns amke me run the other way.

ike you I register for races once I have the money, that is usually a week before the race after I have been training for 20!!

I like the look of the pains. they seem to match the style of the house better, but stand out stongly when compared the new door. I say leave them because they look nice, but I would have a hard time not standing and looking at both areas and shaking my head with the mismatch sometimes.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Geese are vicious, I make sure I keep my eye on them when I have to walk somewhat in their direction

I try to always pay early bird prices on the races, save the money and the longer I wait, the more nervous i get and the chance of not signing up increases.

Keep the panes, it makes the doors look nicer

Amy said...

I hate geese and pidgeons. They are aggressive!

I usually register way in advance to keep me motivated to train. If I've paid for it - I'll train for it.

I like the panes!

The Green Girl said...

I'm scared of birds, too. When they fly close to me, I scream and people stare. Ha.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Geese can be wicked!

I like the doors both ways so maybe change them for a while and then put them back in for fall?!

I tended to sign up right away or wait to the last minute. Rarely in between.

Blogger put up some posts that I had deleted. Like when I posted a photo just to start writing a post. But I'm not going to go back through and mess with it now. I'm just glad I read on the status that they were going to roll back and restore so I didn't retype too much before I realized what they could do it "fix" it.

Voting for you too! Remember to vote for me. We should be able to fill the top 25 with blogs that we love and follow!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I have bird phobia!! I am deadly afraid of their feather, anything with feather! The texture of it freaks me out!!
I was running around my hood and geese are EVERYWHERE! Yep, with their babies. I really don't want to be anywhere near them because if they raise their wings, it'll freak me out and I'll scream LOUD, what's gonna happen is that will freak them out and they will all flap their wings and I will die. Did i tell you I'm really afraid of birds?

Unknown said...

my brother was attacked by a goose when he was a kid! lol...

love how open your rooms are with lots of viewing of the outside LOVELY

J said...

Don't even get me started on Boilermaker! I am still kicking myself for waiting to sign up! UGGG I am so mad! I am thinking maybe it is a sign that I didn't get in that I should take this year off from the race but I DON'T want to!

Still Running said...

Do you really need the privacy? Looks like the trees take care of that. I vote take 'em down. We have those on most of our windows and I've been contemplating taking them down to feel more one with the outside.

Michelle said...

Those geese are vicious and they've been everywhere on my runs lately - freaks me out!

I vote for no panes - definitely makes a difference with the light coming in. I have them on our kitchen door and want to remove them.

Unknown said...

I hate the Geese! They scare me too!

I look at what I want to do race wise a year ahead of time and then save up, pay the registration fee the earliest I can!

I vote no panes...looks brighter!! you can add some of those nice silk curtains for some elegance if you want!! :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You crack me up Molly! I'm always afraid of getting pooped on!

The earliest I have signed up for a race was for the RnR in Vegas in Dec. Why can't we be sponosored and run whenever?!! :)

Running fool said...

Funny about the geese; just last week I had one charging, flapping, and hissing at me - with babies nearby. I considered macing it for a split second, but then just flung some rocks until it retreated.

I always sign up early to get the best price.

And I vote for no panes.

Jill said...

Geese are just creepy, period. Plus they poop everywhere. Baby geese are really cute though :).

I kinda like our panes in our french doors, but I don't have doors closeby so not sure what to tell ya. I'm kinda a fan of the most light though.

Black Knight said...

1. I had a similar experience with one goose here.
2. I sign up for a race when I am ready. For the marathon 4 months before.
3. The doors: I am for the light and the privacy together.
4. Voted.
5. A very beautiful clown.
6. Music video. At the moment I watch the ACDC live at River Plate and the favorite song is Whole Lotta Rosie.
Have a good week end.

ajh said...

Totally agree on the geese. I think they eat or at least kill snakes though so they do have some redeeming features. I used to sign up for races early but lately I have a hard time making up my mind.

Mark said...

1. You clown is adorable.

2. You should be afraid of geese. Word on the street is that they are ancestors of dinosaurs (all birds), AND they can break your arms with their wings (or so I'm told).

3. How soon should you sign up for a race? Let me put it this way. I signed up for Musselman in January and the next day it was closed out. FOR A RACE IN JULY! Oh, and I went to sign up for Cayuga triathlon in December and it was sold out. The race is in August..... AUGUST!

Unknown said...

I love random posts! :)

I hate geese. HATE THEM!

Your little one is too cute!

Unknown said...

Oh... and I voted for you! thanks for the reminder!