Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Q&A...part 2

Here is are the rest of the Q&A from my 300th post......

Luke asked What did you do before being a stay at home mom?
I was in advertising sales for a newspaper in NYC, loved the job, loved the people.

Jennifer Leah asked As a SAHM too I would like to know 1-What do you find most rewarding about being home? 2-What do you find the most challenging??

1. What I find rewarding is that I can truly immerse myself in being a Mom. Especially because of how fast they grow, this photo was from 3 years ago, and to me, it could be last week.  I love that I'm there for every milestone and mishap, I'm the one who is nurturing these little people into who they are going to be. 

2. What I find challenging is the lack of certain stimulation, I interact with other parents or people at the grocery store, but sometimes I really miss looking at a spreadsheet.

Tracy asked what was the most unexpected thing/challenge/surprise when you moved from the big city to the 'wilds'?
The fact that I had to drive to get anywhere, or anything. I still miss the Bodega that was a few yards from my front door in Queens, where I could get my coffee and newspapers while still wearing my pj's.

Lisa asked If you could live any other place, where would it be?
I grew up near the ocean, so I wouldn't mind living near a large body of water again.

Dee asked what has your favorite post been?
My clumsiness post, which says a lot about me.

Cynthia asked Who do you idolize in the world of athletics? It doesn't have to be a runner
I'm a Met's fan, but I'd have to say Derek Jeter. Classic example of wanting something so badly, and making your dream come true. He's a great ballplayer, and for the most part, manages to stay under the radar gossip wise.

IronMike asked is Weezer's Troublemaker a worthy theme song for your blog?
YES! "....never been a faker....doing things my own way....never giving up...."

Heather asked: What is your favorite thing to do for fun or relaxation (not including running)?
I love to read, I always have a stack of books and magazines waiting for me to dive into.

Kelley asked I know you're a reader so what are your top 3 book suggestions?
Catchen in the Rye, I can read that one over and over. Favorite non-fiction is Personal History by Katharine Graham. And anything by Marian Keyes, I guess you could say she's chick lit, but I think her books always have a dark theme to them.

Canadian Runner asked: what is your favorite song to dance to??
That's a tough one, I love Dancing Queen by Abba, and at family weddings, it would be Build Me Up Buttercup!

Tracy asked So do you eat just one Baby Ruth once a year?
Yes, on Halloween! I enjoy my seasonal treats in moderation, I look forward to March because that's when I allow myself one Shamrock Shake. 

Lindsey asked I want to know what are your most favorite and least favorite holidays?
Fourth of July gets me nervous, I'm always afraid someone is going to blow off their arm while shooting off fireworks.  I love Christmas, but it's a very close tie with St. Patricks Day!

Erika asked: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be??
Pizza. Truly a perfect food, you've got grains in the crust, protein in the cheese, veggies in the sauce.  I favor thin crust, but put it in front of me and I'll eat it. Love it plain, or topped with onions and mushrooms.

Ashley asked What is your favorite type of coffee drink? and Dee asked what's your favorite drink at starbucks? :)
I drink most of my coffee at home, with some kind of nonfat creamer, but if I'm at Starbucks I love a nonfat vanilla latte.

Rae asked what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? :)
Hands down Mint Chocolate Chip. Mike and I have a running debate on whether it is called Chocolate Chip Mint, or Mint Chocolate Chip.

Trish asked: I'd love to know what one treat you can never say no to?
Chocolate chip cookies. I make my own that I can't get enough of, but Chips Ahoy dunked in milk are also way up there!


Brittney said...

Haha! I just read your clumsiness post and was cracking up! I too am a klutz. I've been lucky that I haven't had any broken bones and only had stitches once, but at any given time I'm covered with bruises from minor bumps and falls too. Glad to know there's others of us out there. Klutzes unite!!

Unknown said...

I love it! Great answers! And it's so Mint Chocolate Chip!

Emz said...

I love these questions.

I LOVE . . . .Dancing Queen by Abba & Build Me Up Buttercup. Awesome.

Terri said...

Great post - love the Q&A!

misszippy said...

I love "sometimes I really miss looking at a spreadsheet"! Too funny. And you are disciplined with food--quite inspirational. Finally, my son used to have those same football PJs!

Felice Devine said...

Happy 300th! Great Q&A posts.
Had to laugh at the same line as MissZippy. I know that feeling! I have a speadsheet to track my freelance income probably for that exact reason! Ha!

Evolving Through Running said...

Mmmm ... Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream .... drool. None of that green ice cream stuff either, needs to be white.

Another great post.

Amy said...

Excuse me, are we the same person? Excepting the fact that I'm not a mom, we have a lot of the same favourites! Mmmm, pizza.

Teamarcia said...

Great answers! Love the pic!

Heather said...

Loved reading your answers! the photos are great too!

Unknown said...

Molly - If you would like I can email you a bunch of spreadsheets to check out??? I would love to miss them!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Another fun read, thanks

Erika said...

Love. this. list.
Pizza and mint chocolate chip. heaven.
I know the feeling of missing spread sheets (excpet I miss patients!)
happy tuesday!

Tara said...

Plus Derek Jeter is just hot. 'Nuf said.

I love Christmas too and oddly, I can't wait for it this year!
I'm so behind on blogging, I hope all is well with you and that your party on sunday was fun! Thanks for the birthday wishes girlie. :)

abbi said...

I've loved finding out more about you!

Anonymous said...

Never thought of St. Patricks Day as a top one- I guess I'm not celebrating it right.

Michelle said...

Fun post! And I'm so with you on pizza and mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Andrew Opala said...

This is great - you are more responsive than most of the people I ask questions of!

Here's some more:
(1) what's the demographic reach of your old paper?
(2) what's the best day to place an add?
(3) what's the worst/inappropriate thing/item/product/concept advertised in the paper?

... just kidding :)

Mrs. M said...

I love how good you are about eating treats in moderation - I am MOST impressed! Do you have one (or more) for every month?

I also miss those spreadsheets at times. :)

Susan Fobes said...

I actually crave Shamrock shakes the month or two before they come out! And your clumsiness post was one of my favs too-I can relate... :)

Liz Mays said...

I'm with you on the mint chocolate chip. Actually I like mint coupled with just about anything. I don't think I knew you were a klutz. LOL

Jill said...

Your Q&A are always so fun - I should really do that b/c I always have people as me stuff in the comments and I never reply back. Bad me.

I was a stay-at-home mom when my twins were little - totally LOVED it!

Julie said...

I love this post Molly! I am such a huge fan of random and I love learning more about other bloggers! Christmas is the best.....hands down:) I love the picture of you and the kids....precious! Happy Wednesday!

Iron Mike said...

OK, I guess I'm more thankful than ever for my endless supply of spreadsheets. Blah.
I think my most complex spreadsheet, which is definitely lacking the right formula, is my Training Log. That thing probably holds the key to hitting my goals, but damn if I can crack it.

But I especially liked your SAHM-rewarding response. So cool. That 3-years-ago picture is too cute, they do grow fast, best to enjoy every moment.
And thanks for checking out Weezer!