Sunday, December 13, 2009

What I would Tweet if I Tweeted

I am a slave to facebook. And to blogs obviously, and my latest obsession is foodbuzz. I have yet to join the Tweeting community, because I don't think I'm that interesting, if anything I'm pretty predictable. For the heck of it, this is what I would tweet over a couple of hours this morning...

7:40 a.m. the kids are awake, and it's Mike's morning to sleep in, so I've gotta get up.

Coffee, with eggnog creamer? or peppermint mocha? May as well have a Christmas cookie with it.

Get online and check what's new in the world, and the kids.

Hungry, Amazing Grass smoothie with milk, frozen blueberries and peaches.

I'm not going out to get the newspaper, don't feel like navigating the icy driveway in slippers.

Still hungry. Slice of toasted Italian bread with a piece of bacon and melted cheese on top.

Play Cooties with the kids. I want to run this morning, so I stretch as we play.

Put on the Santa Clause 2, put on outdoor running clothes.

Is that freezing rain? Change clothes.

Mike is taking the kids to the mall. I wonder if he's getting me that nail buffer I hinted about.

Go down to the treadmill. Better grab the phone. And the water bottle. And tissues.

1.5 miles in. I have to go to the bathroom.

I wonder if the prime rib we bought for Christmas Eve Dinner is enough for 11 people?

Ooooo Three's Company is on, and it's a Christmas episode.

I think it's interesting that my parents will be spending another holiday together this year, and they've been divorced for 30 years.

Eliza really needs a haircut.

Did I feed the fish?
Oh, Ladder 49 is on, a friend of ours has a small part in this.

I wonder if my brother in law made his Holiday Chex Mix for their party later today.

I should finish reading Have a Little Faith for bookclub so someone else can borrow it.

I think it's terrible that those Navy Seals are being court marshalled.

My hamstring hurts.

My brother is on the phone, need to talk to him so I'll walk for a couple minutes on a high incline.

I can't believe Billy Corgan is dating Jessica Simpson.

That southwest grilled chicken salad was really good last night.

What the heck am I going to get Mike for Christmas?

I'm done with my run, six miles. That makes 17 for the week.

That's enough for now. No big surprises, I love food, running, and television.


HautePinkCloset said...

That's what I though too, that I have nothing to tweet about, but you will be amazed what pops in the head when you have a platform to share those thoughts in.
I have a twitter account and I must say I love it, I even tweet from my Blackberry when I am away from the computer.
I even enjoy jumping into conversations with other night owls like myself when I find that I can't sleep at 1am!

HautePinkCloset said...

Forgot to say, I love that mug! I hoard mugs, Lol.

Liz Mays said...

Get the heck on there! So maybe not all of them were tweet worthy, but you have some potential there. :)

Susan Fobes said...

I'm not ready for Twitter either mainly because I just don't get it. I enjoyed your post though...

Unknown said...

I totally don't get Twitter...I even opened an account, I just can't figure it out. Oh yeah...and I'm way boring. :)

Ronnie said...'re cracking me up. I started a twitter account and basically just my blog entries get tweeted. I got an i-phone recently and I have problems keeping up with my texts, my emails, what's on Fox News Mobile, MSN Mobile, apps, etc. So...I get it!

Mark said...

Wait, what? Jessica Simpson is dating Billy Corgan? What? I thought she was still playing with Tony Romo's footballs. See, if you tweeted you could help keep people informed!

heather said...

I don't get the twitter thing either. I can't stick to 140 characters and still be even remotely interesting. Yep, I'm too boring to tweet.

Mrs. M said...

Yeah, I'm on twitter and lately my brilliant tweets involve "good morning" or "happy Friday!". I just have nothing to tweet about. ;)

Tara said...

LOL, that's a great list of "tweets". Too funny. That's exactly why I don't tweet, I don't think anyone would find my posts interesting.

Nice job on that 6 miler!


i just started couch to 5k so i hope that I LOVE TO RUN ends up in my twitter one day :)

Anonymous said...

you are good..
they are very tweet worthy..

Montessori Moments said...

Hi SITSta!
Just stopped by to say good morning!

Teamarcia said...

Love your 'tweets'! My hamstring hurts too..dammit.

Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I love this, I've actually got TWO twitter accounts, and I go through phases. It's a great source of procrastination, and it's kind of like a group chat.

Lindsay Rudolph said...

Your tweets are good. Se, you have plenty to tweet about!

Visiting from SITS! Saw you love running and too!! If you love making healthy meals too, please stop by my blog sometime. I have tons of recipes even the kids will love.

Take care!

G said...

ugh your coffee sounds amaze balls. i want that.

Anonymous said...

Yep - that's pretty much it, but there's a TON of advertising as well.

I think I'll start tweeting randomness to see if anyone is paying game?

Where in NY are you? I work in NYC and live in Peekskill!!!

With love from SITS,


RunToTheFinish said...

ok seriously tell me how you use foodbuzz??? I have been one but I'm not really sure what to do there!

Theta Mom said...

OMG, twitter is an addiction. And now FB, I can't stop! I think they need to design like divine intervetion for blogging, tweeting and FB'ing!!!

Brad said...

Hi Molly, I'm struggling with tweeting too, if I don't read it constantly I feel lost so I tend to ignore it and deal with facebook, my blogs I read and

Foodbuzz and food blogging is so addictive, maybe we'll all have to go to blogger rehab with Dr Drew......(HAHA)

Thanks for always commenting on my blog in between all your other priorites, i really appreciate the time spent reading it also.

Debbie said...

I'm on twitter and I don't really know why. I still don't understand it. I keep thinking it will come to me one day:)

yonca said...

I'm on twitter. But only twitting my blog posts. I don't know why?? Love your tweets!

Unknown said...

I don't tweet but I should because it's the way to go! lol

Katinka said...

Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS :)!!!!

Jenny said...

Stopping by from SITS and I really enjoyed this post! I'm your newest follower!