Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rewind, reflect, and move forward

At this point of the season, I naturally start reflecting on the past year, in anticipation of what my New Year's Resolutions might be. New Years Eve is a no brainer for a fresh start, but when I think about it, I'm constantly restarting and changing, depending on what my life serves up.

Last year I wanted to focus on two areas, my role as a mother, and my physical goals. And I'm still working on them. I love my kids, but I am a very impatient person, I always have been. I can fly off the handle very easily, and little things annoy me. Perfect example was this morning at the drop off at Eliza's school. This woman always pulls up to the front door to bring her child inside, unlike the rest of us who park and walk our kids in, like you're supposed to. There is a pregnant Mom, and even she doesn't pull up to the front. This drives me nuts, and I'm never going to say anything to the offender, so I've just got to get over it, and not let these types of things bug me.

I do think I've been better with my patience with the kids, there were times where I prayed for it, and it was given to me. It's gotten easier now that they are getting older, but I'm always going to have to work on it. I can't believe we're out of the baby stage, I still look around for my diaper bag which I haven't needed in months.

Physically I am in a good place compared to last year. Last January I was finally over my hamstring injury, and my goal was to run a half marathon, which I did in September. I keep thinking back to last December, I was bummed out, had gained weight, and not being active really bothered me. Now I can't get over the difference a year can make. I don't want to weigh myself (I have a love/hate relationship with the scale, and it sits next to my dresser where I see it several times a day) but my pants are two sizes smaller, I even bought a new pair of jeans that are in my pre-baby size.

I pray that I stay injury free so I can tackle my next set of goals. 2009 was about running, 2010 will still be about running, but with a major focus on cross training. I did my yoga DVD this week and it was great, but I need to do it consistently, and work on my core. I rode my bike this year, I'm looking into getting a trainer for it to use it inside, but I cross country ski in the winter months so I think that will help to shake things up.

In March I find out if I made it into the NYC Marathon, I would love to do that one for many reasons, several of my friends, including my Dad have run it, and I'm from that area. I don't have high hopes, but I'm exploring other ideas if it doesn't pan out.

Another race that I hope to tackle is the Mountain Goat, here in Syracuse. It's a 10 mile run, and very hilly. The Lake Effect Runners are planning training runs for it, which I'd like to be a part of. And finally, I hope to do the Boilermaker for the fourth time. Notice how I keep saying "I hope" and "I'd like." Sounds like I don't want to jinx myself, if you believe in that sort of thing. Which I do and don't. I think.
So I'm looking to continue on with what I've been doing, being a good mother to my kids, a good wife, sister, daughter and friend. I want to keep running and get stronger than I am now. To not sweat the small stuff. And finally, in the words of the Eagles, I wish you peace.


Unknown said...

Patience is something I struggle with too. I have to make sure I am not snipping at my toddler for the wrong thing.

Susan Fobes said...

I know about the "little" things getting to you-it is so hard to keep these things from overshadowing your entire day, and I struggle with this as well. Unlike you, I am going backwards when it comes to my physical shape-after bouts of sickness I haven't made it back to the gym...

Theta Mom said...

I do the same thing, I reflect on the year and have hopes for the next. I don't want to sweat the small stuff either. I need to get better at that! And thanks for reading my interview with Wannabe WAHM. I enjoy your blog and have been with you from the beginning as well! ;)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Wow, you have some really great goals to work on in the new year. Patience is a toughy, isn't it? Your kids are so cute, I'd probably be putty in their hands!

Unknown said...

I love making goals, not so much reflecting back on them!! If you figure out that whole patience thing, will you pass it on to me??

Tara said...

I love this post! It is so nice to hear about other mom's struggle with patience, fitness, etc.

I drop my high school daughter off on a daily basis and it is a constant inner battle to stay calm and collected at all of the drivers at this HUGE high school. Some people just need to be deemed funktards and have an extra special entrance.

I really hope you get an entry into NY. I would absolutely love to hear about your training for that; especially since your dad has ran it it. That would be soooo special in my eyes.

Don't get too caught up in the weight thing. while I was training for a marathon and a bike race last year, I gained an extra ten pounds (which I have since lost, so it much be muscle) and my clothes still fit. So as long as the ole clothes are fitting, don't worry about the scale!

gina said...

All great goals!! I think it's wonderful you take the time and acknowledge the importance of nurturing yourself- it can only make you a BETTER mother- killing two birds with one stone. This is my year to start working on that. Your words are inspiring- good luck with your run!!

FYI: came via SITS sharefest saturday. and darn glad i did! Have a happy holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Most excellent resolutions. Best of luck in reaching your goals and I will keep my fingers crossed for you...I hope you get the thumbs up for the NYC Marathon!!
Wishing you a happy & healthy New year!

Dionna said...

What amazing goals you accomplished this year! Getting into better shape will be on my list this January, I'm lucky that I have a group of women who are all going to be doing the same thing - having a support system is so important.
Good luck with your goals this year!

Happy Saturday SITS sharefest!

Susan Fobes said...

Did you get your wrapping done? Your comment had me in stiches!