Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Grateful, Thankful and Appreciative

Once again I am stealing a theme from other Bloggers, known as "What I am Grateful for" which is a fitting way to say Good Bye to 2009. So here we go:

I'm grateful for my kids, and that I have a boy and a girl, so I can experience raising both kinds.

I'm grateful for my husband, who, although he snores, would walk through fire for me.

I'm grateful for my legs, which allow me to run, bike, ski, swim, play tennis and vacuum.

I'm grateful for anti-wrinkle/anti-blemish cream.

I'm grateful for all the major food groups, especially Mexican and Pizza.

I'm grateful for my house, and all the things I want to do to it.

I'm grateful for 10k's, 15k's, half marathons, and hopefully, marathons.
I'm grateful for my country, and for the freedoms I hope we never lose.

I'm grateful for spring, summer, winter and fall, and all that comes with it.

I'm grateful for my friends, old and new.

I'm grateful for my sisters, brother, and parents, even though after a couple of days with them I want to strangle them.

I'm grateful for my extended family, including my wonderful mother, father, sister and brother in laws, and all they do for us.

I'm grateful for high speed Internet, and my trusty laptop.

I'm grateful for my boots: black snow boots, tall black leather, and tall brown Frye boots.

I'm grateful for my public library, and discount coupons to Barnes and Noble.

I'm grateful for Nick Jr. and Disney movies.

I'm grateful for white wine, the occasional beer, and dirty martini's.

I'm grateful for a New Year, and Fresh Starts.

and on that note, Happy New Year!


Brandi said...

This is a beautiful list of things to be grateful for. Have a lovely New Year! Hope it's filled with everything you love and everything you wish for!

yonca said...

Great list! A new year is so refreshing! Lol,hope new year brings me a laptop:)
And I wish you a Happy New Year with your family, all your friends,loved ones and everything you love.

Mary Poppins in Heels said...

Nice. All good things to you in the new year!

LaFleur said...

Lots of blessings in your life - happy new year!

Felice Devine said...

Happy New Year!

I share a lot of those gratitudes (? -- I'm going with it!), especially loving the Mexican and pizza food groups :-)

Melissa B. said...

I'm grateful that everyone could be under one roof for the holidays. And now I'm crossing my fingers as my youngest makes the cross-country trek back to college! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

Camouflage Christmas

Anonymous said...

A great list - may they accompany you the whole 2010!!

Tara said...

LOl I love those two major food groups too! You have so many great things in you life. Here's to a Happy New Years Molly!

kristen said...

I'm grateful for this post!

Happy new year.

Herself said...

Yes, we all have plenty to be grateful for! Found you on SITS--so glad I did. Happy New Year!

HautePinkCloset said...

Great post! I agree with being grateful for Nick Jr and White wine, I would be in a nut house without them!
Have a Happy New Year!!!!!

Melissa B. said...

Here's to a wonderful new decade...Happy 2010!

Susan Fobes said...

I always love your sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh, and Happy New Year!

Amo said...

I am also grateful for Nick, Jr.! I want a pair of Frye boots and I don't think I will ever be grateful for marathons, but I loved your list! Happy New Year!

Momstart said...

There is so much to be grateful for in life. I'm grateful for my family, and Disney movies, Pixar Movies, and my whole family

Alisa said...

It is always good to be grateful!!

Just Lisa said...

I love your list! Right now I'm grateful for the Disney Channel, so my 3-year-old can watch cartoons while I have a chance to wake up, drink my coffee, and blog! :)

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Gay Vaughan said...

I love this grateful post! So much more inspiring to be grateful. Stopping in via SITS...Happy Saturday!

Tricia said...

Lovely list.

Serenityville said...

That's a super list. I appreciate the combination of humor and serious. Makes me want to do one too....resolution #1, gonna go start one now! Returning from your SITS visit. :)

Rookie on the Run said...

I love your list! It's amazing how many things we take for granted and when you point them out as things to be grateful for, it makes me grateful! For example, having legs that can run & play... and wine and the occasional beer. :D

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

Great post :D

I can't pinpoint any one thing to post about that I'm grateful for. Other then my son and hubby but... that's been over done. I know I'm a heartless blogger but it works for me LMAO.