Sunday, November 1, 2009

Get Active is finished, but I'll stay active

I don't know what time it is, it's seven, but I think it used to be eight, I'm going to be doing this all day due to the time change. In any case, we let the kids stay up later than normal last night, because of all the Halloween fun, and Mike thought they might sleep later today because of it. Luke is still slumbering away, but Eliza's been up since 6:30, so I have her in front of Nick Junior.

My eight week long Get Active Challenge ended on Friday. For me, it was fun to chart my progress as I trained for my half marathon. I wanted to get in more strength training, and I did drop the ball on that. However I've kept up my long stretching sessions, which I think has kept my hamstring issues at bay. I hope everyone who committed to getting active these two months is able to keep it up, these Holiday months can wreck havoc on the bod!

I am still doing Kelly's nutrition challenge, with a weekly goal of 18 points. I tend to hover around 15, it's the weekends that do me in. I'm good about my sugar and junk food during the week, but I've been having some weeknight wine (gasp!). I'm still drinking my daily smoothie made with Amazing Grass, if I don't get them in for breakfast, I have it in the afternoon, so I'm definitely hitting my fruit and veggie quota. I've started freezing the banana's for the smoothies, which make them nice and cold and creamy.

On the running front, I've been doing great. After last Sunday's 5k, I fit in a six, a four and a two mile run. I agree with The Happy Runner , how running is more relaxing when you aren't training for something. I have a slight anxious feeling when I have a race coming up, making sure I stay on schedule, and hit the required miles each run. I have a 10k on Thanksgiving Day, but I know I can do it, so my runs this past week have felt more free. By the way, my time for the Halloween 5k was 33:36. I think I have a better chance of a faster time on Thanksgiving, the course is pretty much flat roads and some easy inclines, so that should help.

Off to make some coffee.....which is one vice I definitely won't be giving up!


Unknown said...

Did you make that latte? It is beautiful!! I think the only thing that is keeping me around 18 points is the fact that I'm not eating any sugar! We'll see how I do after the no-sugar challenge is over!

Mrs. M said...

Good job on your get active!!! Happy Sunday!

mudmama said...

Good for you!

Lele said...

That beverage (cappuccino? latte?) is like art!
And yes, coffee is a vice I will NEVER give up.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

That picture makes me thirsty. I am so wanting to race again...but after the RAIN yesterday I am thinking of just relaxing and running when I want to until 2009. TBD I guess.

Hugs to your next adventure.

Jennifer said...

I've know you for 20-something years and I have never known you to be not active! I think I recognize that hot drink! : )