Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm not a Vulcan, I just look like one

This photo was from last weekend, my friend D came up for the night, and we got a little goofy. If you look at it quickly, I think I look like I have Spock ears. Well, maybe you just had to be there.

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Things have still been a bit up and down lately. Mike's Jeep was in the shop on Friday, and now today, my Jeep is in the shop. $$$ ouch. On a good note, Eliza is now in her big girl bed, and is Binkie Free, I was geared up for nights of crying, but it really wasn't that bad. She's okay at night, but her naps have been a nightmare. As in she won't take one. Normally she goes down in the afternoon for at least two hours, and that is when I jump on the treadmill. Mike got the treadmill back in place, now that the carpet has dried after the hot water tank tanked. But these past few afternoons she will NOT go to sleep, and I've been up and down the stairs in my running clothes trying to get her to go to sleep in between stretching. Today I finally took the baby monitor into the basement, and banged out four miles while she chatted away to her pillow. If she's done with naps I'm going to have to switch to morning runs. I actually considered getting up this morning at six, to get outside for an early run before the kids got up and Mike went to work, but HELL-O it was 35 degrees, and I'm not ready for that temperature extreme yet.
I have been doing well with my nutrition challenge. I achieved 15 points last week (but as the evidence shows, I slipped over the weekend. Those homemade cookies were particularly tasty). I'm already good at getting my fruits and veggies in, but I was very conscious not to throw an M&M in my mouth every time I walked into the kitchen. And I took the time to just toss the kid's leftovers into the garbage before taking a bite of whatever looked good. No Weeknight Wine was hard on Thursday night, it was the Wedding Episode of the Office (love it) and along with Survivor, that is my must see TV night. But my jeans fit better this week, so the trade off was worth it.


Mrs. M said...

I loved The Office too - such a fun and funny episode! Glad your week went pretty well - hooray for big-girl beds! ;)

Unknown said...

Great job on the challenge!! I missed 18 my second's the journey, right?

Janie B said...

Just keeping myself honest and reporting that I've lost 18 pounds! Hooray! But it's not from exercising lately. I've had company for the past week (which I loved) and then I got sick. I'm mostly staying flat with minutes here and there at the computer, but I hope to get back to moving again soon.

Amo said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Jeeps! I understand that it can hurt the pocketbook quite a bit! We had to buy new tires for my car and my air conditioner went out over the summer. Expensive! Congratulations on your challenge achievements!

HautePinkCloset said...

Cheers to you for fitting in your jeans better, I know that feels great! I have not weighed myself in ages I refuse to do so until I can see the difference in my clothing and I don't :( .
Although I have picked up on the cardio my eating habits falter here and there.

OMG..... 35 degrees!!!! I shiver at the thought, I think it's cold here and it's only 60 degrees.

Susan Fobes said...

Why do the car repairs always come in pairs? Hmm... We've been having some cold mornings too, so my husband brought our tredmill as well. (Just can't do cold.)

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Oh boy, I clearly remember when a friend asked me if my daughter, then age three, had stopped taking naps. I was completely shocked. "Um--what? You mean she may eventually STOP taking naps?! Noooooo!" Ha, ha, ha! Best of luck as you adust to your "new" normal. ;)

Liz Mays said...

Awesome progress on the nutrition!

When my kids stopped taking their naps, they started a quiet time. They still went into their room for an hour or hour and a half and they played quietly. Sometimes they still fell asleep.

I had to laugh because if I did do a quick glance, yes you did look like you had Spock ears. LOL