Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eat, Run, Repeat

Two food posts in two days, you can see where my mind is this week. I had a bunch of Roma tomatoes, and yesterday I used Yonca's idea for roasting them. I tossed them with olive oil, kosher salt, pepper oregano and tons of garlic. After roasting them for over two hours, this is what they looked like. I froze a bunch for sauce, the rest I've been snacking on...they're so good smeared on toasted bread, I had some on Ezekiel toast for breakfast.

Mike worked from home yesterday so I made it outside for a three mile the cold 49 degree rainy weather. I dug out my running pants that were a Christmas present a couple of years ago, I think of them as my maternity running pants. They're way too big and I didn't feel like returning them, so I just hike them over my post baby/current wine belly and they're comfy for running. My aches are still there, but I'm icing and using a homeopathic gel on my foot and ankle, so they're feeling better. I feel like I have a bit of crazy runner mind going, I should probably take a rest day, but I'd really rather not.

In between all of this, I'm thinking of what my next race should be. We're doing a Breast Cancer walk this Sunday with the whole extended family which is nice. Other than that I'm planning on running my local Turkey Trot 10k on Thanksgiving. But what's next? What to do with all this motivation? Hmmmmmmmmm.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Through the Marathon for a Cure website you can run any half Marathon or Full Marathon... You pay $50 to register for the program and have to commit to raising $250. Or you can select one of the partnered races. I think it is a COOL and flexible way to make a difference. I am not 100% signed up yet....but will be soon. More details to come..

jmt said...

I called all that motivation that I had about two weeks ago TOO MUCH and quit. LOL My friend and I were training for a potential 1/2 marathon, and I decided between the darkening evening hours and the three kids, I couldn't find time to run when it wasn't dark...and I'm a wimp. I don't like running in the dark, with dogs about and off leashes, cars not really caring if they hit me or not. Once the wee babe is outta diapers I might contemplate again. I love that you have post pregger/wine belly pants. Those sound HOT. H-O-T. :) Good luck on the 10K! I'm popping over from SITS roll call - happy Thursday.

Jennifer said...

The looks amazingly good! I am totally making those tomorrow! Did I tell you that I bought two bags of baby spinach and cooked it yesterday and ate it ALL?! My body must be craving iron. My intention was to have some over the course of a couple of days and share with the girls too. I tried calling earlier but got your VM. I will try you tomorrow. I have a bunch of things on my List Of Things To Talk To Molly About.

Xenia said...

Holy geez, those tomatoes look good.

You really are a crazy running lady, but you know, if that's what makes you happy and keeps your mind in the right place, then go for it! Us lazies will be here to cheer you on!

Mandee said...

Oh yummy!!!! The photo is the best! :)

Congrats on the run! You really are dedicated and that is great! :)
I managed to dance around the house with the boys this week on several occassions as well as wrestle with them, but that's about it.

Tara said...

Mmmmmm...that looks amazing, I know what I'm cooking for dinner tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!
Congrats on getting a run in!

Susan Fobes said...

Thanks for the idea about what to do with all my tomatoes still in my garden!

yonca said...

They look YUM!!!
I'm glad you tried this recipe ;)
Have a great weekend Molly!

Unknown said...

Those tomatoes look delish---I don't eat tomatoes, but my husband loves them and will love ME if I make them for him! Brownie points!

I am a SITS newbie, but I found your comment on the SITS Saturday Sharefest. I wanted to stop by and say a quick hello.

I am always grateful to stumble upon new blogs, and SITS is helping me do that. I'm sort of a newbie to the whole blogosphere and I'm not very techno-savvy, so I don't accidentally find blogs very often!

I hope you're having a great weekend, and I'm bookmarking this tomato post!

Momstart said...

Those tomatoes look really yummy, I wish my husband liked tomatoes because I love them. My daughter does too but my son alas is like his father so we're a house divided

Running Through Phoenix said...

Gonna try those 'maters this weekend. Especially the 'smear it on toast' idea. Mmmmmm. Thanks!