Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Delish Dish

I haven't been doing very many food posts lately, but now that fall is here, I'll make up for it. I loooove fall veggies, and can't wait to hit up the market this weekend for squash and pumpkins. After our weekend of food splurges, a nice veggie meal was the plan for last night....my Dad's Fried Rice. This is what I make (other than my grilled veggie salad) when I need a good dose of vegetables. I used grilled shrimp, but you can use any protein you like, chicken or tofu, even steak. I like to grill the protein ahead of time while the veggies are marinating. Here's the lowdown:

3 cups cooked brown rice
1 cup baby carrots, cut into matchsticks
medium onion, chopped
two or three cloves garlic, chopped
medium zucchini, cut in circles, then quarters
frozen peas, about a big handful
medium bunch brocoli, cut into small pieces
8 oz sliced mushrooms
2 eggs, beaten
teriyaki marinade or sauce
soy sauce
olive oil
ground pepper
wok or big pan

I marinate the veggies in teriyaki or soy sauce for an hour or two. I cook the veggies that take longer first. So I put carrots, onion, broc and garlic in one tupperware, and the peas, zuc, and mushroom in another.

Heat the pan until hot, add olive oil to coat, heat until very hot but not smoking.
Throw in the carrot mix, cook until soft, about 6 minutes.
Add the rest of the veggies, cook until soft.
Add the rice, along with some soy, enough so it doesn't stick to the pan, along with pepper to taste.
Stir stir stir, and watch the heat under the pan, too hot and things will stick, too low and it won't cook quickly.
Add protein if you wish.
Once everything is heated through, add the egg, pour it all around the rice so it gets mixed through as it cooks, you don't want it in one spot. it will cook quickly.
Taste again, add more of whatever sauce you think you need, last night I also added a bit of Tiger sauce, to kick it up a bit.
Chow Down!


Janie B said...

As Rachel Ray would exclaim..."Yum-O"

Mandee said...

Yummy!!!! The pic is making me hungry and it's early in the morning! :)


oh my goodness - honey, i can't cook! HOPE-LESS! i can't believe hubby likes the browns - did you know last night on ESPN they voted the browns most likely to have a 0-16 season? we're just waiting for the cavs to start! is he from around here? people don't like the browns just 'because'!

JennyMac said...

this looks SO good.

amanda said...

yum! I love fall veggies (and baked goods... they cause trouble!!) too.

I gave you an award! come to my blog to retrieve it!

yonca said...

Wow,looks yum!!! Love veggies:)

Doug said...

that looks delicious!