Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time to Microwave the Peeps!

Holy cow, I can't believe I haven't posted in a week!

Starting tomorrow, the kids are off from school for the next TEN days. I've been trying to work as many hours as I can this week, so that I'm ahead of the game for next week.  We also switched Internet/phone/cable providers, and it was such a hassle, I honestly lost 12 hours of my life dealing with all the problems that ensued.  No Google Chrome = No Blogging.  But last night I found Mork and Mindy on the Hub Channel, and all was well.

On the bright side, I ran my last long run before my half, I felt fantastic for the entire 12 miles.

The More/Fitness Half Marathon is next weekend, the course is two hilly laps of Central Park.  We nailed some hills at the beginning and end of this training run, I now feel both mentally and physically ready for the race, and can't wait to spend the weekend with my BFF's!!

Anyone else doing this race??

We took the kids to see Mike's Dad last weekend, it was the first time they have seen him since his stroke, over four months ago.  They were both nervous and hesitant, and my father in law was very emotional.  He cries often, due to the injury within his brain, as he gets better it will re-wire itself to give him control of his emotions again.  But it's hard to see.  The kids were okay after a while, and when we left, Eliza said she tried to smile as much as she could for Grandpa, but her cheeks got a little bit tired.  We're taking them to see him again on Easter, and I'm hoping it will get easier.

Wow again, I can't believe Easter is this Sunday.  Time for my Peep Party Trick: pop one in the microwave, and watch how big it gets!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck at your race

Are you doing any tris this year?

poor, poor peeps

Teamarcia said...

I'm envious of a CP race but 2 laps sounds tough! Have fun!
Super peep is hilarious.
All the best for continued healing to your FIL.

Michelle said...

That Peep trick cracked me up :)

Good luck with your half!! I want to do this one (any excuse to head to NYC) - can't wait to hear how it goes!

Christi said...

Have a great race!

Happy Easter!

TriMOEngr said...

As hard as dealing with both of my parents getting ill and passing away, it was super hard to watch my kids suffer from the sadness it brought on too. They actually dealt with it better than I imagined - not without tears, but with a strength I had a hard time realizing they possessed. Thinking of you as you deal with this.

My daughter is totally planning on Peeps from the Easter bunny so I'd better not forget them. No idea they expanded in the microwave - hilarious!

Julie Arts said...

It's so hard for the kids to see their grandpa like that. We're going through the same thing with my father in law. It's tough on everyone!

misszippy said...

Kids are so sweet sometimes--I love that Eliza tried that hard for her grandpa.

Good luck at the More race; I want to do that one sometime!

The peep experiment is ON--thanks for the tip!

Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

I love the Peep trick, too bad we ate all of our last night, the kids would love this.

Good luck on your race!

Tara said...

Nanu Nanu. I used to love Mork and Mindy. Good stuff.

I remember being so scared of visiting my grandpa after a stroke. Poor thing, it's sounds like she was very brave.

I hate peeps! I know....I'm weird.

Jill said...

I didn't know Peeps expand in the micro...I'd better not tell my kids or there'll be marshmallow all over my microwave.

Happy Easter, my friend!

ajh said...

Wish I had some peeps so I could experiment!

Wells L said...

Nice job on your run! You'll do great at your half!!!!

Love the peepe experiment.

I hope you and your kiddos have an awesome week together!!! Happy Spring Break! Happy Easter!

Jamoosh said...

The kids are off for ten days? Sounds about time for some child labor around the house. said...

Eliza is a sweet one. Not being in control of your emotions has got to be hard on everyone. He's fortunate to have such great family and support behind him.

We used to microwave marshmallows when we were kids. I have no idea how we learned to do that?? said...

Eliza is a sweet one. Not being in control of your emotions has got to be hard on everyone. He's fortunate to have such great family and support behind him.

We used to microwave marshmallows when we were kids. I have no idea how we learned to do that??

H Love said...

12 miles sounds awesome. Way to go! Love the peep trick...have to try it.

Lisa said...

My mom loves Peeps, my husband thinks they're disgusting (mainly because they last forever). Today we saw people wearing Peeps on their hats and jackets at the 5th Ave Easter Bonnet parade. It was weird. I have to try this microwave trick sometime!

Your daughter sounds so amazing and strong. It's always hard to see parents or grandparents so vulnerable, we always think they are invincible. As hard as it can be, it's better than not having that time together.

Hoping to get out and cheer for you next Sunday. Let me know if you're planning any meetups!

Black Knight said...

It's hard for the kids and also for the grandpa but it is important that he can see them.
You are ready for the half: good luck.
I hope you have spent a wonderful Easter.