Monday, September 12, 2011

running and juggling

Let's play another round of "Do you know what this is?"

It's Woody's hat.  From Toy Story.  For some reason, Eliza decided to put it inside her bedroom lamp, onto the bulb, the night before school started.  Luke alerted us to the smoking plastic, because he said Eliza's room smelled like fried chicken. 

Once again I made a long run harder than it needed to be.

Last week was a step back week in my training, my long run Saturday was 12 miles, and I was happy because I was able to run with Jeannine and Norine.  They're training for a half marathon in October, so my plan was to run with them, and once they were finished, I could go on and finish the last few miles on my own. 

I drove over to Norine's neighborhood, and left a gel and bottle of water in my car, I figured when J&N were finished, I could guzzle them, then head back out.  We did the route of our local Thanksgiving 10k, and when we hit the 9 mile mark, J said she was going to do the whole 12 with me.  I was psyched, but by the time we hit the 10.5 mark, I was missing my water, big time, but I made it through.

It wasn't the smartest thing to do, but when I pull off a run like that, I know that my next long run will feel just a bit easier, because I'll be sure to be properly fueled and hydrated.  

Now that school and the kid's activities have started, and I'm working my part time gig, I've had to really plan when I can run.  I became an Aunt for the 8th time again last Friday, to sweet Baby Caroline.  The night before that, my 90 year old dear Aunt Betti fell and broke her hip.  I was already going down to NY for a baby shower this weekend, but I'm also going to see my new niece, and possibly my Aunt.  Looks like I'm going to have to squeeze my 17 miler in on Friday.  Which might mean getting up at four, in order to be finished by the time I have to get Luke ready for school.

That's a bit nuts, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!


Teamarcia said...

nothing like a burning light bulb to get one's attention!
At least you know now that 17 needs to happen. Good luck squeezing it in.

Wells L said...

12 is a cut back week? Wow! You're just awesome - and getting up at 4 to get a 17 miler - that's either super hardcore (likely) or nuts (equally likely!).

I'm sorry about your aunt. Poor thing!

You're an 8 time aunt - wow, how cool is that?

Jill said...

10.5 miles with no water would kill me! I have landed myself in the hospital twice due to dehydration and I have to be extra cautious! Nice run, are getting so strong!!

Well, who doesn't put toys on burning light bulbs, it's the thing to do you know! ;)

Tricia said...

yikes, cant imagine going that far without water

ajh said...

Good luck getting that run in. Getting up at 4 sounds awful! And good luck to your aunt.

Agness Mumbi said...

Good luck for experiment! I hope result should be in your favor.

Agness Mumbi said...

Good luck for experiment! I hope result should be in your favor.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

A woody bulb, you should patent it and sell it, of course a safe version

Shaun said...

A juggling pattern must be maintained throughout the race. If an object is dropped, the joggle must return to the point where the object is dropped and continue from there.