Thursday, September 8, 2011

and overnight, it all changed

Today is the second day of school, and I'm sadder than I was yesterday.

The seasons changed, literally overnight.  It was cool and rainy, the kids needed jackets, and I threw on a pair of jeans.

I'm okay with Luke going to school. He loves it, he does well, he's confident, he's a good kid.  Although I didn't get a kiss goodbye when the bus came, he zipped right away from me, excited to see his friends.

I did have concerns about Eliza.  She's Mamma's girl, my little buddy, she can be a bit shy when she first meets you, but once she connects with you, you're her best friend. I thought that when the bus came, she would either cry, and not want to get on, or be okay, and climb aboard.

She needed to pose with her vanity.

Mike took a half day, E goes to afternoon kindergarten, so he was able to see her off.  It was pouring out, so we waited at the garage door.....for almost 40 minutes!! I called the bus department, got their voice mail, and the box was full so I couldn't leave a message.  I couldn't believe it.  Well, I could, because I spent two days last week, making phone call after phone call to the bus department, because they had gotten rid of our bus stop!

Eliza was in a good mood, but since we were waiting so long, she started to get nervous.  She asked for Teddy Bunny, but I told her Bunnies weren't allowed in school. The look on her face made me feel terrible, and she ran inside.  I got her to go back outside by slipping her a couple of m&m's.

Finally, the bus came, I got a kiss this time, and she was off.

I was so annoyed at the bus being late, that I didn't cry like I thought I would.  Mike and I went out for Mexican food and a margarita to celebrate the kids making it to school.

I go into work today for some training, this is so weird for me, to be going somewhere in the afternoons while the kids are elsewhere.

I'm excited, but feeling sad, I'm still a Mom, but I'm no longer a mom to babies, I'm a Mom to kids.

They still need me, but in a slightly different way.

But I need them too.


Wells L said...

Thanks for my pre-work tears . . . ahhhhh, you're a mom and your kids will always need you!!! What a perfect way to tell the story of the day! What a wonderful new chapter for everyone in your family!!!! Hope today feels better for you!!

Kelly said...

I love that last picture! And I know EXACTLY how you feel.

TriMOEngr said...

Well I fought off the tears until I saw the pic of the kiss goodbye. Her on her sweet tip toes! Love this shot! Bummer about the bus snags. My kids have been back at school since 8/17 so we are approaching mid-quarter already! But long gone are my days of mothering babies - mine are 7 and 10. Thankfully, Miss B (7) still cuddles from time to time.

Michelle said...

"I'm excited, but feeling sad, I'm still a Mom, but I'm no longer a mom to babies, I'm a Mom to kids.

They still need me, but in a slightly different way."

Couldn't have said it better myself - exactly the way I'm feeling as I watched the bus pull away this morning!

Christi said...

Kids leaving for kindergarten or college always make you tear up. Trust me, my boy just moved out of house and on his own. I tried to not let it bother but I ended up crying like a baby. We are always their moms!

Teamarcia said...

Awww it's such a big milestone! Kids. Not babies.
Kids are AMAZING though and this stage is SO much fun!
Enjoy the journey.

Tortuga_Runner said...

Tearful Thursday is today's theme. My babies are babies and it seems I cry at every moment the show how "big" they're getting. My Duder learned to swim Monday and I cried A's if he was moving out and leaving me. He's 3. Thanks for sharing, I'm afraid of his first day if Kindergarden, it'll be here in a blink.

bobbi said... that last picture. And I totally get how you are feeling.

Time just goes too fast...

Teri said...

Oh yes, they need you tons! Both of my kids start school next week (Preschool and Kindergarten) and I'm totally freaking out!

Jill said...

My goodness you just made me tear up. Our kids grow up so fast. Mine are in 2nd and 4th. I barely remember their baby years, it's all happened so quickly.

misszippy said...

I completely get this. Raising kids is totally bittersweet. All the milestones get me choked up. but I guess part of raising them is letting them go, little by little. Hope your training day went well!

Katie @ Legally Fit said...

They are so adorable! Love the photos- so cute that E wanted to pose with her vanity!

The transition must be bittersweet, though it's all good.

Heather N. McGowan said...

That last picture is great! Good job getting that one Mike. Nice that you guys got out to celebrate!

Lois B said...

Ditto! That last photo speaks volumes.

Molly, they will always need you.

A friend with children older than mine said that she felt like it was even more important to be around when her kids were in high school (than when they were little). And I found that to be true and changed my work situation to make that happen

Enjoy the process!

Suzy said...

Way to go Mama!! I don't like how kindergarten buses are late on the first day. I'm glad the kids did well.

Julie said...

HA! The husband and I went out for mexican food and booze today at lunch with all our spare/quiet/lovely free time while the kids were at school! HOORAY FOR SEPTEMBER!

I still cried this year at having a 4th grader. This time is flying by WAY TOO FAST!

Jill said...

And when they're 20 and 16 (like mine) they'll still need you and you them, in yet again another way. My daughter sat on my bed for 4 hours the other day talking about whether to break up with her boyfriend. It tore my heart in a different way - and she's 20! You're an awesome mom, you're kids are so lucky to have you!! Glad the kiddos are making the adjustment to school just fine! :)

Black Knight said...

The last picture is wonderful. I know your feeling. I had a sadness more when my son left for the La Spezia Naval Base to spend one year in the Navy.
Now it's time for my grandson.
Beautiful post.

The Happy Runner said...

Your kids are so cute! Those are great pics. It's so hard as they grow -- my little guy is just in preschool and that is tough enough. I can't imagine when both of them are in full time school!

Love your last photo.