Friday, November 2, 2012

NYC Marathon Musings

A year ago I ran the NYC Marathon, which was the highlight of my running career.

With this year's marathon only a few days away, emotions are running high in regards to Mayor Bloomberg's decision to hold the race on Sunday.  In the days that followed Hurricane Sandy, I read my friends and family's status updates on facebook, detailing power outages, water damage, lack of food and gas shortages.  Their photos show trees and power lines knocked down by high winds, with roads and boardwalks ruined by high tides.  People have lost their lives and their homes.

Not a pretty sight.

I've been thinking of what I would do on Sunday, if I would go ahead and race.....or not race.

I know what goes into training for a marathon.  I understand how disappointed I would be about not running on Sunday.  Especially if I were flying into town from across the country, or from another part of the world.   However, runners who can't make it due to Hurricane Sandy, can defer their registration to 2013.

It's great that NY Road Runners is making a one million dollar donation to the Race To Recover Fund for victims of Hurricane Sandy, but some things don't sit right with me.

Right now they have two generators (with one additional just sitting there for back-up) powering a media tent in Central Park, which could be used to give electricity to 400 homes.

The water and food being stockpiled for Sunday could easily go to those who have an immediate need for it.

How can you cheer at a race and celebrate NYC when you don't have the ability to get there? Or a home to cheer from?

How safe will the roads actually be for the runners?

I hate to say it, but, I really think that the marathon should have been cancelled.

I hope that everyone who has been affected by Sandy is on the road to recovery, I've been thinking of and praying for you........and all the runners and volunteers on Marathon Sunday stay safe.

BLOG POST UPDATE: this afternoon I was interviewed for an article regarding the marathon, you can read it right HERE.

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have already been into too many heated discussions about this topic, all I will say is I agree with you, the race should have been cancelled.

Becka said...


Michelle said...

I've been a mix of emotions on this topic. Initially I thought they should move forward, but the more I see and hear about the conditions in NYC, the more I think they should have cancelled.

Kate said...

I agree 100%.