Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Ramblings

The way my mind is flipping around right now, bullets are in order, so I'm borrowing BDD's Weekly Ramblings format today.

I'll start off with the bad news, I was laid off on Election Day. I couldn't get over the timing of it.  It actually gets worse, but I can't go into details about it right now. I'm extra anxious because Christmas is coming, but we have a plan for now, and I'm hoping for the best.  I know so many people who are dealing with much bigger problems, so even though it sucks right now, we're still lucky.


Sometimes I can be a bit of an airhead.  We had last night's episode of The Office on the DVR, and after the kids finally settled down, we sat down to watch it.  I turned it on, there wasn't much sound, so I was thinking "Ha Ha, those funny writers, this must be some kind of prank episode where we have to read everyone's lips."  This lasted seriously for 15 minutes, until the sound came on, and I realized that it wasn't a prank episode, Time Warner had some kind of issue with the sound not working.  Yup, I'm an airhead.

I have a fantastic group of girlfriends, that I've known for 26 years.  We all turned 40 this year, and although they sent me a birthday present back in January, the gave me an extra present, in the form of a plane ticket to NYC so we can have a girls weekend! How cool is that???

This is all of us, plus a few of the kiddos after the More/Fitness Half Marathon this past April:

You know, I just realized that now that I don't have a job, I can go to a matinee of Breaking Dawn Part Two during the week, without all the crowds! Silver Lining!

I ran twice this week, both times it was for 3.5 miles.  My inserts still feel a bit weird, but my Chiropractor said it's going to take time for my feet to fully adjust to them.  I'm thinking of doing a Jingle Bell run next weekend, it's a 5k so I can swing that.  I've starting thinking of my goals for next year, my running friends and I are trying to get a team together for Seneca 77.7 relay in the Spring, and there is a new race in March, the Syracuse Half Marathon that looks fun.

The other day on facebook, not one, not two, but three people posted about Hurricane Sandy, and that they finally had their power back on, after ELEVEN days!

I made The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Tortilla Soup last weekend, and have been eating it for lunch all week.  I used whole wheat tortillas as a topper, along with a bit of cheese, if you're careful about your toppings, this soup is very low fat, full of protein, and delicious. My photo is blurry because I was in a hurry to eat it!

Did you see my JumpStart Madagascar review and giveaway?  If you have kids or kids in your life check it out HERE!

Happy Weekend, and Happy Running!


giraffy said...

What a bummer about the job :(. Hope something good comes your way soon!

Amy said...

That stinks about getting laid off. I'm in the same boat. Running and exercise has been a lifesaver during this time. Good luck with your job search!

Your group of friends reminds me of mine. :)

Pam said...

I'm so sorry about your job. :( That just sucks.

You're incredibly lucky to still have that group of friends. I'm still in touch with exactly zero of my old high school buds.

Suz and Allan said...

I'm so sorry about your job. Hope something better is in store for you soon!

ajh said...

So sorry about your news. BEing laid off just plain sucks! My husband has been laid off twice but was hired back both times - this time fairly quickly. The first time he did lots of fill in jobs through a temp service and some of them he liked a lot. Of course some he hated and none paid well. But one of them is what he wants for his retirement job.

Teamarcia said...

So sorry about the layoff. Seems to be going around a ton right now. I make that PW soup all the time. LOVE IT!

H Love said...

Boo on job loss. I love your silver lining. I hope to do the same thing. Are you running in orthotics now?

Christi said...

Sorry about your job loss. I thought I was losing mine on Nov 2 but they extended me til Feb. Maybe?! We will get through!

Lisa said...

I absolutely love that you and your friends have been so close for such a long time. That's so special and rare.

I'm sorry to hear about your job. I was laid off several years ago and it took me a while to find a job. It was definitely rough, but like you have already, I found silver linings wherever I could. When I was laid off is when I started cooking more, going to Trader Joe's and buying at the farmers market. And working out was so key as it kept me sane. Take care of yourself and think positively. You have a lot going for you and I have faith you'll find something great!

TriMOEngr said...

I was laid off a little over 2 years ago. My husband was laid off (electrician) off/on for the last six years (until job change to teaching at a tech college in Aug). Funny - the first time he was laid off, we were freaked out. We were less freaked out each time it happened after that. We learned that we could get by on less and we always tried to keep the belt tightened when he was working to stick the extra away for those rainy days. By the time I lost my job, my kids began to equate "layoff" with "see more of my parent". They love that I now work for myself and am usually able to be there for homework time after school (instead of after dinner), volunteer at school parties, be with them on random days off, etc. There is no such thing as "good" timing for a job loss and I know we are very fortunate to always have some kind of money coming in from one of us, but sometimes it is hard to know what the good Lord's plan is for us when we are living it. Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Awesome news on the girls trip. I'm sure it will be just what the dr ordered. I may have to take a page from the book when I turn 40 next year! My husband's 40th is this month and he is throwing a big party with his college roommate who shares the exact same birthday. Should be a blast.

Will have to check your soup recipe. I make one called Sante Fe Corn Tortilla soup that calls for you to cook strips of tortilla, but have found that a few crushed tortilla chips works just as well as a topping and takes way less time. It is always a low fat option if you don't go too heavy on the condiments.