Sunday, October 28, 2012

yurbuds got my running friends together!

Yes, Frankenstorm is on it's way.  But that won't deter my Frank from celebrating Halloween.  He decided to dress up as Jaws this year.

Just FYI, I love my friends.

Especially when they are runners!

When I run with music, I use my ipod, along with a pair of earphones that are so old, the comfy squishy part is worn away, and they make an extra noise every time the cords hit my chest.  So obviously I was excited when yurbuds contacted me about their new line of earphones made specifically for women.

I invited some of my girlfriends over to talk about running, while checking out yurbuds, Sweaty Bands, and Luna Bar!  The yurbuds come in a range of colors, including purple, red, lime green, orange, and yellow.  Mine are light blue:  

As I was getting ready for everyone to come over, I thought of ways we could talk about what inspires us to get out there and be active.  I kept up the blue theme, and asked the girls to write down their training mantras, if they had one.

Along with their favorite running songs.

We had some healthy snacks (along with a splurge, featuring cheese and bacon, which I was too busy munching on to take a photo of).

I asked the girls to wear their favorite race shirts.  Here we are checking out the goodies.

My friend Kelly completed her first 140.6 distance this fall, and she is thoroughly enjoying her off season:

Everyone took home a set of yurbuds, and were very excited to try them out. I myself wore mine on my run the other morning.  I like how you kind of twist the yurbuds into your ear, they really do stay in place. I've also worn them while I bopping around my kitchen cleaning up after dinner. The sound quality is fantastic!

I got some feedback from the girls.  Alissa is in the middle, she just ran her first half marathon! She thought that the yurbuds made her music sound "crisp and clear."  Jeannine and I ran our first marathon together, and she used them on a treadmill run, she "loved them, they didn't slip at all and fit in my tiny ears.  I really liked that the part that goes in your ears is flexible and rubbery. I think that helps to keep them in, especially if you get sweaty.  Thanks for these!!!" 

My friend Heather is in the middle, she has a marathon under her belt, is ready for another, and this is what she had to say about yurbuds: "I was very happy that they stayed in place even when sweating a great deal.  They were very comfortable and the sound quality was great. I found on one occasion that there was a mechanical noise, either rubbing from the cord or something in the earpiece on the left side. It was quite noticeable, but I'm hoping it will work itself out."

My two time marathon runner friend Norine is not pictured, but she "loved them, the sound was amazing! My ears did get a little sore. but I just think I need to get used to them.  They stay in my ears the whole time, which is a bonus." 

If you're in the market for a new set of yurbuds for yourself, or someone else (yes, the holidays are on their way!) you can find the new yurbuds line for women at Target.   

*please note, we received these products as part of a promotional program with yurbuds.  The thoughts on the product are our own. 


Johann said...

I love Frank! Running friends are the best...the very very best! Have a good week Molly!

fancy nancy said...

Love the Jaws costume!! What a great party!!! Have fun with Frankeinstorm!

TriMOEngr said...

So jealous! I totally want to get some Yurbuds as I've heard nothing but good things about them. Alas, my old earpieces are working fine and I can't justify buying something I don't really NEED - just WANT. Maybe Santa will take pity on me though. What a SUPER FUN girls night in! Jealous again! Loved the mantra and song ideas!

Teamarcia said...

So much fun! I love my Yurbuds--best ever! Frank is so cute! Happy Halloween!

H Love said...

What a treat!!!

tiftytalk said...

Don't go into the water!! Love your shark dog