Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sunglasses Shop Ray-Ban Contest!

Win a pair of designer sunglasses

Once upon a time, Mike went out and bought a very cool pair of Ray-Bans.

He looked great in them, and he wore them everywhere.  Then one weekend we spent some time at his brother's house, and Tag, his weimaraner, got a hold of them.

No more Ray-Bans.

So he decided to go out, and buy a new pair.  I thought they were even nicer than the first pair, and he wore them everywhere.  Then one day, we were rushing around, trying to make a flight to Long Island for my Grandmother's funeral.  As we were packing the car, Mike put his sunglasses on the roof of the car, then got into the drivers seat, and we drove off to the airport.

No more Ray-Bans.

He waited a while to buy a third pair, making due with a pair of cheapies he bought at the mall.  I urged him to get a decent pair of Ray-Bans for the summer, so he finally did.  Which he wore everywhere, to work, to the pool, to play golf.  Then one day he went to a golf outing for work. He went inside the club to have lunch, and while he was eating, he put his sunglasses on the table next to his plate.  After he ate, he went outside, and realized he left his glasses on the table.  When he went back inside, someone had taken them!

No more Ray-Bans.

Since Christmas is coming up, I decided to look for a new pair of sunglasses for Mike, just like these 3183 Ray-Bans:

I think if he opened these up on Christmas Morning, he would be a very happy boy.

Don't you? 


Pam said...

And the moral of this story, boys and girls, is that Mike can't be trusted with nice sunglasses! lol

Teamarcia said...

Ray Bans are sweet! Not that I'd know as I've never had them.

TriMOEngr said...

Might I suggest one of those old lady chains to wear around his neck attached to his glasses? LOL

And total side note: You weren't in Kansas City today were you? I swar I saw a lady checking in to the Holiday Inn near the plaza that looked just like you! :)

Johann said...

I wouldn't mind opening those for Christmas. I better put my current cheapies somewhere where they can disappear...