Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My race bibs love the RACER

I like my bedside table.

It was my Mother's when she was a teenager, I inherited it when I bought my house, and it matches our bedroom set perfectly.

Want to know what I keep in the drawer of the table?

My race bibs!

I have my race medals hanging from a rack in my bedroom, where I can see them whenever I walk into the room.  They are a source of pride, but when you think about it, my race bibs are too.  They tell more of a story of a race than the medals, because they are literally covered in sweat, tears, GU, water, and other fun substances. 

This is where RACER Wall Frames come in.

RACER frames capture "The Art of Racing," and are a perfect way to display race bibs, photos, basically anything that is the width of a sheet of paper.  It's a plastic frame, and really easy to use.  You just pop the top off, place your bib inside, and pop the top back on.

The first bib I chose to frame was from my dream race, the NYC Marathon.  This race was a life long goal, I dealt with injury during training, but my run couldn't have gone any better. I raised almost $3,000 for The Children's Tumor Foundation, and I had family and friends supporting me and cheering me on the whole way.

There is a good size hole in the back of the frame, so I had no problem hanging it from a small nail in the wall. I removed a clear sheet of plastic that protected the frame from scratches, see how shiny it is? You can see the reflection of my lamp in it.

Now for the fun stuff.  Between now and March 15th, you can use this code: "ARTOFRACING" for 25% off purchases at the RACER website.  In addition, every person who purchases a RACER Wall Frame online using this code will be entered into a pool to win the grand prize of ONE FREE RACE ENTRY OF THEIR CHOOSING (not to exceed $200).  So go check them out!

*Note: I was provided with a frame for the purpose of this review. My opinions on the product are my own.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have to admit, I like those, it is a little different then the rest of the ones I have seen, I would consider getting one for the major milestone races I have or will be doing. Thanks for sharing

fancy nancy said...

I really like those!!! My bibs are currently plastered all over my desk. This would be a great idea to highlight one!

James Ford said...

I always nailed all my race bibs on the side of my garage, plastered the whole thing! I would also write my times on the back so I could go back and see what I needed to do to improve! This look classier than my garage! :)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love that! Mine are all pinned to a corkboard in my room. That is really flashy.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I love the racer. Good company, great owner, excellent product and really a great deal for what you get. Worth every penny.

Johann said...

That is very nice. People over here do many different things with their bibs and medals. I have so many I don't display much. Only the really biggies.

Black Knight said...

I like that. What a pity I have lost all my running memories when I changed house.