Friday, February 1, 2013

Forty Plus One

Yesterday was my birthday.  I was given two things, a chocolate cake just for me (okay, I shared with the kiddos when they got home from school), and a new appliance, so I can make more cake.

Mike said that he thought if he gave me something for the kitchen that I would divorce him, but I've actually really wanted one of these babies for a long time.  There comes a time in a person's life where gifts such as a new washing machine generates as much excitement as a pair of earrings.

We are getting a ton of snow right now, but had a warm, windy Wednesday (that would be a perfect title for a blog post) so I took Frank for a run. It started to rain about a mile in, but he's been smelling like corn chips again, so I figured the shower would do him some good.  It was a quick three miles, I made sure the wind was at my back to use it to our advantage.

Frank keeping watch in the backyard.

My mileage for January was decent, one of my New Years Resolutions was to not get hung up hitting a certain number of miles, unless I'm training for a race.  My goal right now is to do something six days a week, and mix it up between running outside and doing either speed work on the treadmill, or a slower pace, paired with a very high incline.  My plank a days are more like plank every other day, but I'm up to two minutes which is great.

FYI, 60 seconds on a stop watch is much slower than counting to 60 in your head.

Since I'm no Martha Stewart, I get my holiday decor from places like Target.....or more likely, the Dollar Store.  To spruce things up for Valentine's Day, I bought some glittery hearts for the front door, but I don't know, they kind of look more like mittens to me.

Sunday means the Super Bowl, which means chili in the crock pot, and beer instead of wine. Since neither the Giants or Jets are in it I'm not too excited, but I've been assured it should be a good game.

Happy Running, and Happy Weekend!


giraffy said...

That cake is beautiful!!
I was so excited one year to get a Kitchen Aid for Christmas. I think I've used it once, and moved it across the country. And I bake a LOT. Lame.

Hopefully you make better use of it than I have! :)

Michelle said...

Belated happy birthday!

I totally get being excited over a Kitchen Aid Mixer - I love mine!

Have a great weekend :)

Lisa said...

Good day for birthdays...we celebrated my husband's as well. Happy birthday!!

I hear ya on the SuperBowl. With no Patriots (yeah, yeah), it won't be the same.

Jill said...

I love the hearts, how cute are those. And they are NOT mitten-looking. Great idea. I used to decorate for every holiday when my kiddos were little and they cared. No one does now :( so I don't bother as much (but I do still have some Christmas stuff up on my hutch, I just noticed - haha).

I love your new mixer, and red for Miss Molly Moll is perfect for you! Bake away, girl - can't wait to see what you mix up!!

So glad you had a wonderful birthday! :)

H Love said...

Hope your birthday was great! love that pic of Frank.

Running Librarian said...

happy birthday! I hear you on the superbowl..but hopefully it will be a good game.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I'm cheering for the 49ers, mostly because my grade 7 crush had a 49ers jacket. It was gold satin with a red collar and cuffs. Awwww ya.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm pretty sure a kitchen aid stand mixer is the one kitchen appliance that a guy can give his wife and NOT get in trouble! Great gift!

I also made chili today for the game, seems appropriate. I'll likely go watch Downton Abbey when that comes on since most the commercials have been online already!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Happy Birthday!!

The second half of the game was good, the commercials were not so good, maybe 4-5 good ones

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