Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Play in Four Acts: A Dog And His Couch

Act One: Dog Loves Couch.

Act Two: Because of too much love, parent's need to buy a new couch.

Act Three: Parents spend 20 minutes trying to keep dog off new couch.

Act Four: Dog Claims Couch.

Parent's Sigh.


abbi said...

Looks like he approves of the new one! We've actually been successful at keeping ours off the couch we use but the 'living room' which we never use has the dog couch. Breaking that habit would be tough!

Colleen said...

That's a hard habit to break. We can only keep Charlie off the one chair we don't want her on (and that she's totally drawn to) with tin foil. For some reason, that scares her enough to not get on it. She feels everything else is fair game and we don't fight it. The new couch looks great though! :)

Runners Fuel said...

Nice new couch! Hopefully dog doesn't love it too much, as well.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

He just wants to be like his family!!

Amy said...

I've seen this play before our house about a year and a half ago with our big dog.

ajh said...

Love this! Surprised you made it 20 minutes.

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Suz and Allan said...

Looks like the dog is right at home on the new couch!