Friday, October 12, 2012

Lego's and Straight Leg's

I was putting dinner on the table last night, when I heard Luke coughing in the living room. The kind of coughing that you expect to hear during the height of flu season.  I called out to him, and he said he was okay, but that he needed to go lie down for a minute.  So I followed him to his room, where he started crying, and when I asked what was wrong, he said he swallowed a Lego!

Neither one of my kids have ever swallowed anything other than food, so I was really surprised that at eight years old, Luke managed to make this childhood milestone.  Apparently he was using his teeth to pull off the top of a block that he made, and it came off into his mouth, and down his throat.  He's fine, and he learned a big life lesson.  After he started eating dinner, he looked up at me, and said, "well, I'm still a little upset, because now I only have three of those little blocks left!"

In other news, I have now been to my chiropractor eight times in the past three weeks, and I have shown major improvement.  My pelvis is now aligned, and my foot is now pointing straight out, instead of turning in. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but the tendon in my foot was pulled so tight, that I was walking/running on a curled foot. I noticed how straight it is while walking Frank yesterday, and I couldn't believe it.

The foot held up really well over the long weekend, we spent more time in the Adirondacks, and took a two mile hike with the kiddo's to a place called Windfall Pond.

Note my dry, blond leftover summer highlighted hair. After I post this I'm heading to the hair dresser for my "winter" color, chocolate brown. 

Lots of weekend walking in the perfect fall temps. 

Happy Weekend!


Runners Fuel said...

It is beautiful there!

Johann said...

My son got a Lego stuck in his nose once and it was quite a mission to get it out. Beautiful place to hike and I love the fall colors. We have spring flowers everywhere now. Enjoy your weekend!

giraffy said...

Hooray for straight legs!!

That's a beautiful place for a hike. I always think I love fall colors, then I remember they're usually followed by snow. Ick.

Hope the lego passes smoothly? haaaa.

Colleen said...

Hahaha... I laughed that he was sad he only had 3 squares left! :)

Wow... those pictures are beautiful! I miss those kinds of images of fall.

Yay for straight legs!!!

Michelle said...

My son's always using his teeth to pull apart Lego - I'm telling him this story!

Glad you're making such good progress with the chiro!

Teamarcia said...

Thank heavens Luke didn't choke on that Lego. Scary! So glad to hear your foot is coming along. Wish I could say the same for my hip. Well it was progressing but I must have pushed too hard too soon. Boo.
Gorgeous pics!

Jill said...

The leaves in your neck of the woods are so pretty; we don't see anything so red and orange here.

Glad Luke is's so crazy to think of all the things that can potentially happen to them!

YAY on chiro, I am so thrilled to hear it is working.

Suz and Allan said...

Glad Luke is alright and glad to hear that the chiropractor has been working for you. I love all the fall pictures. The leaves have just started to change here.

Lisa said...

Such beautiful pictures! Looks like a great fall weekend!

I've actually been seeing the chiropractor too lately. Glad it's working so well for you!

Black Knight said...

Windfall pond is a wonderful place!
Glad you are feeling better and Luke is ok after that scary "adventure".

Tara said...

Your pictures are so pretty, I miss the falls back in Missouri, we just don't get those pretty colors out here in Colorado.

I am glad your kiddo was ok and that it didn't seem to phase him much! I remember being very young and swallowing a marble. It got caught in my throat and I thought that I was going to literally die until I bent over and it came rolling out. I will always remember that feeling!

I miss reading about you and your family, I need to do a better job about keeping up with the blogs that I love. I am so glad that you found some answers about your injury. So....what do they do about one leg being shorter than the other? Are you just going to have to keep constantly going to the chiro???

Ara said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous pictures from your hike/walk.

Congrats on everything going well at the chiropractor's office & everything is now in alignment.

So glad your son is ok.

The Green Girl said...

Wow, I am so glad the Lego didn't get lodged in this throat!

Windfall Pond is beautiful!

Kristin said...

Beautiful pics!! I just love fall!! Glad you are feeling better and your son is A-ok!! :)

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