Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is that a wrinkle? A real one?!

I'm kind of a product junkie. Lotions, potions, creams. I wear makeup, but when I put it on, it's to make it look like I'm not wearing any. To look like myself, just better. I've always battled the usual zits and cystic acne, after L was born my face was truly a painful mess. I finally found relief at Mario Badescu, they set me straight, and I'm afraid to use any other product on my skin. Plus they include samples with my order, they sent me a kick ass bag of goodies at christmastime.

I turned 37 in January. GASP. I don't feel 37, which I think is a good thing. You're as young as you feel blah blah blah. But suddenly I noticed that I was getting wrinkles. They are very obvious when I smile, and I can see lines when I just look in the mirror. I'm not down with that. Pimples AND wrinkles, no thanks.

I bought a drugstore wrinkle cream, advertised by Sarah Jessica Parker, I wasn't impressed. While I was in Rochester last week I stopped at a skin spa that I buy my makeup from, and talked to the owner about my new issue. She gave me samples of a product that I heard about years ago. $78 for a month supply! I tried the sample, and it really stung my skin, which I equate to the product doing its job. Alas, my budget doesn't allow for it. She did say my wrinkles looked like a result of dehydration, which to me, means they can go away.

I went back to the drugstore and bought a deep wrinkle cream that is geared to the much older set. And seriously after 2 nights my skin looks much brighter, so maybe this will help. Stay tuned.

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