Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who goes to Disney World Marathon Weekend and doesn't run? ME.

Remember how we planned a trip to Disney, and then the furnace blew, and we had to spend the Disney cash on a new one?

As luck would have it, I'm still making the trip down.

This is me, the last time I was in Disney, with my dear friend Anna, and friend Natalie.  We went with the high school marching band, I played the flute, and we marched in a Disney Parade.

Do you like my green sunglasses??

It took me a couple of weeks, but I realized that I'm arriving in Orlando the same weekend as the Disney Marathon. Only a few hours after it starts.

Oh well.

I'm hoping to try and meet up with a friend of mine, as well as some other bloggers.  The weekend is coming at a perfect time, with the post-Christmas let down, snowy Syracuse, and the stress over the health of my father in law. I just can't wait to get the heck out of here, and decompress.

But I do have some races to register for.

The Boilermaker 15k will celebrate it's 35th Anniversary this summer, I was able to defer my registration from last summer to this summer because of my foot, but they made a change.  I have to register with everyone else, but I have a code to use for the fee. This is my favorite race, and it gets more and more popular by the year, so I've got to get on the ball Saturday and register.

There is one other race that I want to do, and registration is next week, the More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon, it takes place in April, in Central Park.  Several of my friends want to run it, but this one is very popular, we'll see if I can get a chance to break away from It's A Small World and register for it.

aaaaaaaaaaand......I had to go bathing suit shopping.

In January.

After Christmas.

With pale, white, winter skin.

I found one online, and ordered it in two sizes.  I'll bring both with me, to see which one fits.

It better be the smaller one.


Wells L said...

One time, at band camp . . . .

Just kidding - I can because I too played the flute :)

Your friend your arm is around looks SO sad -

I feel so bummed you are going to be at Disney during the marathon but not running - I'm glad though, you and your family can still go.

Heather said...

The kids are going to go crazy when they find out! I am sure you guys will have a blast!

Wow I am bummed, I was going to do the More too but I am sleeping on a Battleship in Massachusets that night with the cub scouts (Lucky me right)!

Let me know if you are thinking of any other NYRR races this year I am considering Brooklyn, or the Bronx half myself.

have a great time. I can't wait to see pictures.

Brittney said...

Have fun in Disney! I too have to go bathing suit shopping this weekend because we have a carribean trip coming up in a couple weeks. Yikes!!

abbi said...

Have a great trip!

TriMOEngr said...

Glad things worked out for the trip. We haven't done a family vacation in over a year and a half (and the last one was 24 hours so I'm not even sure if it really counts). Definitely due! I'm sure you'll get a run in even if not the marathon. :)

misszippy said...

Kind of like me being in NYC during the marathon! It will be fun regardless. Good luck with the bathing suit shopping--pulling for the smaller one!

heather said...

I'm going to Orlando next week for a conference. It is the best time to hit the parks. I've walked onto most of the rides at Disney. Have fun.

NY Wolve said...

Well we were in Florida last weekend also, and I didn't realize was Disney marathon. But we were not staying at Disney and this wasn't a Disney trip. We went to new Legoland instead.
Hope it turned out well -- I heard they limited both parks because of over attendance!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Bathing suit in January. Harsh! I'm so glad the trip is back on. Your kids are going to have such a great time. I know it's been a rough few months for you guys, you deserve a little get away. Have a great time!!

H Love said...

love me some Disney!! Hope you have a great time with friends and bloggy meet ups! Just think whatever you look like now you will look twice as nice with a tan!
Of course I sure you look fab!

But it is amazing how a tan seems to shrink things. :)

Black Knight said...

Enjoy your time in Disney and never mind if you don't enter the half.
I see you have other races in your schedule.
Have a good week end.

Kelly said...

haha! totally went to Disney to march in the parade with marching band in HS!! So funny!

Have a great time...and don't sweat the bathing suit! :)

Ara said...

I hope you're able to have a good/relaxing time at Disney. The More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon sounds SO fun. I hope you're able to register for it.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Enjoy your vacation

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i suppose that is one benefit to living in florida, i see swimsuits alll the time so i am always thinking about ick wearing one

Jamie said...

Hope you had fun. My husband and I do that race lots. I've had to run into a local Target more than once because I forgot my suit and the weather turned warm. One of them is still a favorite.

Colleen said...

Hope you had a great time in Disney. I heard that it was a perfect weather weekend to be walking around! And to think that I was supposed to be down there and could have met you!!! (I didn't go... backed out of the race in favor of trying to find a house!!!).

Fruit Fly said...

!!! I was a flute player, too! We didn't get to go to Disney WORLD though, since I grew up in Oregon - but we did get to march down Main Street in Disneyland. And I wasn't cool enough to have those green sunglasses. Darn.