Wednesday, January 16, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

It's time for another installment of "What I'm Really Liking Right Now."

I love knee high socks.

My BFF Jennifer gave me a Central Park pair from Little Miss Matched, she pointed out the runners along the side and I was completely sold.

Plus they're cute, comfy and obviously, warm.

Speaking of warm, another gift I received was from Mike on Christmas Day, a lovely fleece robe.

A nice, thick fleece robe. Can you see the softness? I'm sure all the kids on Luke and Eliza's school bus could see the softness when I ran outside the other morning when the dog got out, and wanted to get on the bus with them.

I love my morning coffee, but in the afternoon I stay away from caffeine, otherwise I'm up all night.  However in the winter months, I like a cup of tea around three o'clock, and this is the newest addition to my collection:

It's no substitute for a Junior Mint, but those are off limits for now.

And finally, Mario Badescu Hand Cream.

I'm not a fan of scented lotions, and I became a MB fan after Luke was born.  My postpartum skin was a nightmare, and they cleared me right up.  If you are ever in NYC I highly suggest you go for a facial, they are fabulous.

Well, this is the hand cream that sits on my nightstand, if I put it in the kitchen it would be gone in a week especially since Eliza is already showing product junkie tendencies and wants to use everything I own.  The cream smells clean and simple, and feels so nice.

Plus Mike says it doesn't make me smell like his Grandmother.

Tell me....what are you loving lately?

*Note: I like all these items and own them.  And that's it. 


Darlene said...

love love those socks!!

Yo Momma Runs said...

Those socks are THE best thing ever. That's what I'm loving lately. Also, this orange sweater that I got from Target on clearance yesterday.

Jill said...

Those socks are ADORABLE!! So cute. And not smelling like your husband's grandmother is a good thing, I think. :)

I don't know what I'm loving right now. I guess I'm loving that I feel like I'm turning a huge corner running. It's been 3 long and frustrating years - I got a long way to go but I'm seeing changes. I'm loving it!


fancy nancy said...

Those socks are awesome!!! Little is better than an nice squishy robe!!! Like a big hug!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love those socks!!

Colleen said...

Great list... I love those socks and that robe looks heavenly!