Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paige's Butterfly Run 5k....and a wet basement

Oh Home ownership.

A couple of years ago, Mike and I spent a weekend in Lake Placid to celebrate our anniversary. We came home to a flooded basement, because of a broken hot water tank. My first thought wasn't of the wet floor, it was of my treadmill! Fortunately it made it through intact. 

Fast forward to last fall, and the furnace broke. But that didn't cause water damage, just damage to our wallet.

Fast forward to last Tuesday, when we returned from several days in the Adirondack's to find.........a flooded basement. Our sump pump broke during a heavy rainstorm, and there were several inches of water in that room.  

But the treadmill is okay. 

Our weekend was a busy one, with Eliza's dance recital, a birthday BBQ, a visit to Taste of Syracuse, and a 5k! This was my first time running Paige's Butterfly, a race that raises funds for pediatric cancer research.  I like longer distance races, but I was happy to run this one, with my friend Alissa:

Last year Alissa told me she was going to run Paige's, I couldn't run it with her because of my foot, but she planned on doing the 1.5k distance.  I told her she could totally do the 5k, so she did!  She's gone on to run a few more 5k's, and she signed up for my favorite race, the Boilermaker 15k, so we'll get to run again together, in just 5 short weeks.  

The course was a loop along the streets of downtown Syracuse, I lost time two different times, the first was about a quarter mile in, and I had to stop because my shoelace came untied (what am I, an amateur??).  Then there was a stretch along the canal, where we ran on a path that could only fit three across.  We got stuck behind some slower runners, and had to wait for a spot to open up so we could pass.  All in all it was a good run, and we crossed the finish line together with a time of 28:49.

Tomorrow is National Running Day!!  

How far are you going to run to celebrate???


abbi said...

Sometimes we wonder about the home ownership issues too...we've had the sump pump problems, no fun!

Teamarcia said...

What is it about things at home going haywire when we're gone? Happens all the time here! Yay for a fun race and the end of being swamped with school events!

Runners Fuel said...

Great job!! Sorry about all the broken stuff!! Thanks for the heads up that tomorrow is national running day. I didn't know. I'm going to be running outside!

misszippy said...

It's funny to me--we always think the hardest part about home ownership is the buying of the house, but really, it's the surviving in the house! Sorry you had to deal with this. But so glad the treadmill made it unscathed!

TriMOEngr said...

Sorry to hear about your basement issues. That stinks for sure. The rest of the busy times sound fun though.

MCM Mama said...

My house has been one big fail after another lately - my dishwasher and my boiler died on the same day three weeks ago. Thankfully the boiler was an easy fix (though not cheap). The new dishwasher, on the otherhand, still isn't installed, sigh.

Next year - Boilermaker is on my list!

Michelle said...

Sorry about your basement, but I'm glad your treadmill survived!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

At least the dreadmill is ok

Congrats on the race

Colleen said...

Nothing worse than coming home to water in the basement. Good thing the important things are alright! :)

Congrats on the 5k. Fun that you got to run it with a friend! Nothing better!

Michael said...

If I could sell my hosue right now and get a condo I totally would. I'm over home ownership :)

Sounds like a great race.

J said...

Glad the treadmill is ok - we have so much stuff in our basement - I would be so upset if it flooded.

And Boilermaker is coming up! I just need to recover from this marathon first tho otherwise Boilermaker may not be much fun.

Suz and Allan said...

Sorry about the basement!

Black Knight said...

Sorry about the basement and glad for the survived "dreadmill".
Congrats for the good race run together.
In Italy we don't have a "national running day". People here like football (your soccer), hours and hours of TV about it. I cannot stand this sport. Today there is the match rugby Argentina-Italy and we cannot see it in TV!!!!!

Darryl Iorio said...

I never had time to appreciate the sump pump until Hurricane Sandy. The sump pump actually plays an important role in storm preparation whenever there’s a huge storm coming. They help to get rid of the water in basements as they flood, so it is best to always check if they’re properly working or not.

Darryl Iorio

Launce Newlove said...

What a quick summary of the problems that you had! But it’s been a few months since this, how’s your house now, especially your basement? I hope that you have fixed the broken furnace and I hope there were no important things that were damaged by the flood. :) Anyway, I love running too. It’s good for the health, and like you, I love running with my friends and family, particularly if it’s for a good cause.

Launce Newlove

Georgia Fuller said...

It feels so horrible coming home to a basement after your vacation and celebration. Luckily, the treadmill is okay. I know repairing the furnace can hurt your wallet, but it’s better to invest in this heating system since it will be for your own convenience. It has been months after this post and I bet you already have repaired it or gotten a new one. You just have to maintain it properly so that you won’t get into more trouble in the next days. :D

-Georgia Fuller-