Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PROFOOT Review & Giveaway

My feet are a problem.

I've dealt with plantar fasciitis on and off over the years, I over pronate, I have a heel spur, had to have a bone growth removed from my big toe, and my toes are kind of funny looking.

So I wasn't surprised when Profoot contacted me to try out their products.

I use custom inserts in my running shoes, but I wear regular inserts in my older shoes when I'm out and about.  The first thing I tried were the 2 oz Miracle insoles.  They are made of Vita-Foam, and are very light, the top layer molds to the shape of your foot. I broke them in while we spent the afternoon at the mall, they fit my shoe perfectly, and didn't slide around.  For my feet, they're a good option for walking, but because of my high arch I need to stick to my custom inserts for running. 


I have one toe on my right foot that tends to tuck itself under my middle toe when I run. I have a weird callus there that no pedicure can erase. Sometimes it gets sore, or a blister forms, so I stick on a band-aid until it calms down.  This was a perfect situation for the Moleskin, which is made with Velvetex, a microfiber that allows skin to breathe.

I cut out a piece about the size of my toe, I noticed right away how soft the Moleskin was.  I wrapped my toe sticky side down, and went for a run on the treadmill.  It was much more comfortable than the band-aid, and it stayed in place until I took off my socks.  

Last week we had several dry, sunny days in a row, so instead of running, I went biking!  After the second day, my left heel was a bit sore, which happens when I first start riding again, so I figured I would try the plantar fasciitis heel insert.  

These have a gel insert for shock absorption, and come with little stickers to anchor the insert to your shoe, which is a great idea.  It did give my heel good support, and I think I'm going to wear these in my Frye Cowboy boots, because those make my feet hurt after a while.


Profoot is giving away a set of inserts, the heel inserts and moleskin, to FOUR winners! 

To enter, please visit Profoot on facebook here, and like their page. 

That's it! Although for extra entries, you can tweet the giveaway, blog about it, follow me on twitter @MollySBaker, or are a friend of my blog. Just let me know what you did in a comment. 

I'll choose a winner on Friday May 18th. 

*Note: I was sent products from Profoot for the purpose of this review, the opinions on my product are my own. 


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